Use your HOTTIE Points before they expire


When you trade with RHB, some things in life are really FREE! You earn HOTTIE Points with every trade which you can then exchange for free flights, free hotel stay, free lifestyle products, even free market data – the stuff that we know you will like.

So, don’t waste your HOTTIE Points. Use them in the following ways:

Convert to AirAsia BIG Points

Convert for AirAsia BIG points and then, redeem for flights, hotel stays and more. You need to have an AirAsia BIG ID membership to convert.

* Already have an AirAsia BIG ID? Login and redeem for AirAsia BIG points

* Don’t have an AirAsia BIG ID? Get one HERE

Redeem for Bursa Malaysia market depth

Instead of paying cash for market depth subscription, you can use your HOTTIE Points to redeem. Login and redeem for Bursa Malaysia market depth data.

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