"I don't have time to invest." Read why you can't afford to wait

“I don’t have time to invest.” Read why you can’t afford to wait

When it comes to issues on investment, young adults are easily confused as different opinions from friends and family can sometimes lead to a jumbled up view on investing.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular myths that young people have on investment:

Everyone can easily learn how to invest. There is a wealth of information on investment available on the web, for example on OSK188 Knowledge Centre.

If risk is keeping you away from investing, perhaps you should consider a more conservative approach by looking at blue-chips

and bonds.

Young adults have many things to occupy their time – studies, career, relationships – somehow, investing takes a backseat. Don’t wait, investing from young has many advantages over those who wait, including the power of compounding and the ability to weather a certain degree of risk.

Do the math and you’ll realize that the later you embark on a sound investment plan for your retirement nest egg, you’ll be losing out. Due to the power of compounding, young investors will contribute less in the long run to make the same amount of money. Example:

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