Global investors choose Singapore, Hong Kong and US markets. Why?

Global investors choose Singapore, Hong Kong and US markets. Why?

About the foreign markets:

Sizeable, well-regulated markets; to investors who are on the lookout for attractive opportunities in foreign markets, Hong Kong Exchange and Singapore Exchange are among the rising stars in Asia.

Both countries are not totally alien to Malaysians as shared cultural ties do stretch back in time.

Furthermore, companies that Malaysians are generally familiar with are listed on both markets – e.g. Genting.

In terms of market breadth, both SGX and HKEx combined, offer investors a broad span of instruments. SGX represents the premier access point for managing Asian capital and investment exposure, and is Asia’s most internationalized exchange with more than 40% of companies listed on SGX originating outside of Singapore.

According to HKEx, overseas investors contribute 40% of the total turnover in the Hong Kong securities market, clearly reflecting Hong Kong’s attractiveness in drawing investors from around the world.

Furthermore, Hong Kong serves as an important gateway to China. At least a tenth of companies listed on the main board of HKEx are incorporated in mainland China, accounting for more than 25% of market capitalization. Given the fact that HKEx is sophisticated, mature and is known to observe the rule of law, investors have a comfortable level of confidence trading in Chinese stocks. Via OSK188, investors can take advantage of the strength and diversity of HKEx as well.

Global investors generally find the US markets interesting because other markets have yet to attain the same level of size, accessibility, transparency and liquidity.

The markets there are better capitalized. Moreover certain stocks and sectors which have international appeal are only available there and not anywhere else. Information on stocks is easily available and accessible to investors.

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