Understanding the Steps: Begin to Become A Trader

Futures Markets: Who Trades Futures and Why?

Futures Trading Short Course


What To Expect:

# Participants will have the opportunities to learn and understand the steps to become a trader.

# Choose your Product: equity index futures, agriculture futures, energy futures, metal futures, interest rate futures and more.

# Plan your trader: Simple Trading Strategies 3M & “ABC ” Trading Formula.


How To Register For A Seat?

1. Key in your details using the self-booking feature below, or

2. Drop us an email @ wong.pooi.kit@rhbgroup.com, or

3. Contact Mr. Wong & Ms Amery @ 05 – 249 3100 


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Date(s) - 30/01/2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ipoh • Perak