Market Outlook and the Best Products to Trade during Covid-19

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Outline: The best products to trade during COVID-19

Global markets made its recovery after meeting its trough in late March. Is this recovery sustainable? Is it a turnaround? Or is it a re-tracement for more selling?

There are many similarities between the current COVID-19 crisis and 2008 crisis, what are they? How can we prepare to trade through this very interesting period of uncertainty and to take advantage of the current volatility?

  1. The fundamentals

Strength, weakness & relationship between:

  • Global economy
  • Oil
  • Gold

 2. Any sign?

The crash at the beginning of COVID-19

  1. Global economy
  2. Oil
  • Gold

3. Overcoming volatility & uncertainty

4. Market outlook

Getting a confirmation between TA & FA:

  1. Global economy
  2. Oil
  • Gold

Speaker: Wong Kon How

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Date(s) - 24/04/2020
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM