Are you getting fresh new ideas on what to trade every day? Don’t miss your daily tips

Are you getting fresh new ideas on what to trade every day? Don’t miss your daily tips

With so many stocks listed on global changes and each being a possible trade opportunity, an investor can be easily overwhelmed with the choices available.

Keeping track of each stock’s performance in the market is a challenge and this is where Research Plus can give you a helping hand – it holds the key to market insights that are crucial knowledge for every discerning investor.

At the speed with which markets can change and trades are executed, you really can’t afford to spend time poring over multiple sources of information just to take positions.

On a daily basis, research reports are issued whereby stock recommendations, regional markets outlook for the day are normally given. On top of these reports, there are other helpful features on our research portal that were developed to be your indispensable tool:


If you are interested in a specific stock and would like to know its past, you can search our archives for previous reports issued. It’s as simple as doing a “Google-search”! Just type in the stock name and hit the Search button.

Read what others are reading

The menu bar at the top of the portal changes real-time, reflecting what sector the majority of traders are reading. This indicates to you the interest of other traders and the shift of attention to a particular sector. You will have your finger on the pulse of the market all the time.

Customize to read what interests you

Read only the things that you are keen on. By adding stocks and sectors to ‘My Favourites’, you define what reports and news you prefer to receive; items that are associated with your list of favourites.

Real-time email alerts

Based on your list in ‘My Favourites’ you will be notified of any news, announcement or corporate results upon the specific item being published. No more stale news when you trade!

Compare against others

The Country and Report Filters let you compare how one stock is performing against another within a sector or within the region. You don’t have to trawl the net to piece together information from different sources. Research Plus gives you the relevant reports from the region and you can have them all at your fingertips.

Discover the best, at one glance

Taking in everything at one glance is so convenient for traders. Laid out in an eye-pleasing arrangement, you can easily find the information you need to know on one page. ‘Daily Recommended Stocks’ appear right at the beginning of the portal.

As Malaysia’s first customizable research portal, Research Plus is designed and built by professional traders for you, the discerning investor. This powerful tool is available for RHB TradeSmart customers only.